Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

YOURS SOCIAL SOCIETY is a non-government, non-profit voluntary organization, operating at National level for last 9 years now and continues to devote and commit itself in the service of deprived, un-served and under-served sections of Society. YSS is registered as a Society under Madhya Pradesh Society RegistrikaranAdhiniyam, 1973 (No. 44 of 1973) with the Registrar of Firms & Societies, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, bearing registration number as 14179 dated 7th October 2004.


With the underlying objective and mission to devote and dedicate our efforts in the service of society, particularly the rural and urban poor, the primary motive of YSS remains:

“Welfare of deprived, handicapped and backward communities, promote primary education, capacity building and empowerment of women and other weaker sections of society, ensuring overall  improvement in the quality of life of  families living below the poverty line – reaching out to the poorest of the poor, through skilled and employable vocational trainings, developing awareness on health and promoting environment, with special focus on women, tribal areas and socio-economically deprived sections of Society and extending helping hand to the victims of  natural and man-made calamities.” 

Vision and objectives:

We aspire to achieve our mission, keeping in view the following vision and objectives:

  • Awareness against drug addiction, smoking, dowry system and other social evils;
  • Welfare activities for development of women victims of circumstances and other handicapped, deprived and orphans;
  • Activities to promote healthy living – care of pregnant and lactating women, child care etc.;
  • Promoting computer and internet literacy, Technical vocational training in trades like computer offset printing, typing etc.;
  • Skilled and value added vocational trainings to unemployed youths of rural and urban poor families. Promoting cultural heritage – Art, Painting, Music, etc.;
  • Training for protection and promotion of environment, including plantation, water conservation, conventional and non-conventional sources of energy, horticulture, forestry etc.;
  • Implement projects/schemes to ensure improved quality of life for all sections of society covering – education, health, employment, shelter, economic development, rehabilitation and other basic amenities of life;
  • IEC activities (Awareness Programs/Campaigns) for Prevention and care against HIV/AIDS, Promoting sanitation and personal hygiene, Minimizing child labour and child marriage practices, Road safety campaigns, Gender equity etc.

The year 2011-2012 has proved to be a milestone in our overall progress – the total turnover of the Society, as compared to previous year, has gone up by 41%, newer fields of social developmental activities have been explored and we have successfully intervened in 15 districts of Madhya Pradesh. With the support of its professional, dedicated and committed team is strengthening its footholds in the multiple areas of social importance and is moving fast to establish itself as a well groomed organization to achieve excellence in various sectors of social development. YSS has been approved for Targeted Intervention project under NACO programme, by the M P state AIDs Control Society to work for the female sex workers in the district of Betul.