Target Group

Target group


Madhya Pradesh or the central state as the name suggests lies in the centre of the country. This is the second largest state in the country in terms of area and has a rich history and heritage like many other states in the country. The Population of Madhya Pradesh according to the 2011 census stands at about 72 million which is not as huge as compared to some of the other big states in the country. Sex Ratio in Madhya Pradesh is 931 i.e. for each 1000 male, which is below national average of 940 as per census 2011. The social condition of women is a matter of great concern, where at the one hand, they are considered in the Indian religious scriptures as respectable and worthy of worship, on the other hand they are, in practice, exploited, tortured and humiliated. Gender discrimination and injustice is widely practiced in the society whereas Law prohibits such acts. Women possess very much low asset ownership and too much loyalty and subjugation keeping women always under men. Deeper analysis reveals that women are denied equal opportunities and rights. They are not in a position at the moment to identify their needs and work towards establishing their rights due to the discrimination and oppression experienced over centuries. YSS has made interventions for the upliftment of women through health and sanitation awareness, nutritional education, skill development, cultural development, Awareness against female foetisism  etc.


With more than a third of its population below the age of 18, India has the largest child population in the world. This backgrounder explores the levels of health, nutrition, education and social security of children, and government policy and action on child rights. Children are always a weaker section of the society and always subject to exploitation. The issue of children our operational area are child labour, drop outs, malnutrition, violence etc. Every child deserves right to education and overall mental and physical growth.

Looking in to this scenario YSS is working towards providing platform to the children to develop in the field of art and culture, Physical growth through sports and co-curricular activities.


Teenagers are often exposed to all sorts of social problems, as teenage years are vulnerable years. Social problems among youth are affecting country’s development.
Problems arising among the youth are at the alarming state. Main problems like smoking, gangsterism, alcoholism, drug addiction and illegal racing. Smoking is a bad habit that is conquered by teenagers especially boys. Nowadays, addiction problem has spread like a silent killer to everyone including girls. The main causes of this problem are depression with their studies as well as with the family. They are stressed by the workload at school and high expectations by parents at home. They do not know how to cope with stress thus resort to the ‘dreamland’ of addiction. The most pressing problem involving teenagers nowadays is young relation among youths- dating vulnerable to unsafe sex and other sexually transmitted diseases.

These youth are deprived of parental love as parents are too occupied with their jobs. They do not have enough time to spend with their children. Teenagers feel neglected and ignored. In search of their own identity, youth are easily influenced by their peers. With all these effects, they certainly do not have any bright future lying ahead of them. YSS is focusing in this target group by organizing de-addiction camps, HIV awareness programmes, promoting art and culture and sports related activities.

Farmers/Rural Population

The majority of the population in Madhya Pradesh the target areas of YSS are farmers. Economical, educational and political backwardness leads to social and cultural backwardness.

Apart from the farmers there are also other category of labours. They engage in the lobour work such as cooli works, head load carriers, construction, quarry workers, carpenters etc. Most of them are unorganized labours. Their life and situation are very miserable. Madhya Pradesh also has high rate migration among chronically poor groups living in villages. The migrant rural population also comes from other neighboring states increasing the burden of homeless people in the Bhopal city, which compel them to live in slams and rodsides. YSS address their issues through social networking, skills and education that can do better to found more remunerative work, which will result in the betterment of their life. Vocational training, skill development, health and hygiene related promotional awareness activities are targeted for this category of population.

 General Public

All of us living in this beautiful world are indebted to Mother Nature for providing us the ample natural resources. We all are consuming these resources ruthlessly without thinking about the future generations. General public are very much aware about all the social problems taking place around them and most off them want to do something contributing a part to eradicate these issues. The concern is of unity and providing a common platform where everybody can contribute their own small part with involving much or affecting their normal life style. YSS targets this group to remind them the small things them can contribute without effecting their common routine like following the fundamental of Reduce & Reuse all daily life resources.

Less wastage of water and electricity, reusing and recycling the electronic and furniture items, make maximum possible use of all the ground places available in house for kitchen gardening or decorative plantation, thankful way of waste material disposal etc. YSS’s effort is to educate and aware people about health and hygiene, biodiversity conservation, reduce greenhouse gas generation, encourage medicinal plant cultivation and use etc.

Industrial Workers

Industrialization has played a dominant role in the socio-economic development of the underdeveloped countries. The workers have family problems due to high expenditure, in some cases the family burden compels the workers to remain in debt and sometimes the personal habits like (alcoholismand other addiction) highly affects their economic condition. Lack of adequate welfare facilities create social problems linked to migrant workers emerged, covering unpaid wages, transportation, social security, gender discrimination, education of offspring and mental problems.

Work contributes to good health and economic achievements. However, the work environment exposes many workers to health hazards that contribute to injuries, respiratory diseases, cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, reproductive disorders, cardiovascular diseases, mental and neurological illnesses, eye damage and hearing loss, as well as to communicable diseases.

As the mobility of workers increases, leading to high numbers of migrant workers in some countries, their health, well-being and social support require special attention. Working conditions, type of work, vocational and professional status, and geographical location of the workplace and employment also have a profound impact on the social status and social well-being of workers. YSS organizes occupational health programmes in an attempt to improve the social conditions of underserved and unprivileged occupational workers. Health Information and communication programmes, community health education, promotion of alternative lifestyle, treatment, yoga, meditation, de-addiction campaigns ans awareness programmes related to occupational health hazards are the YSS motto to uplift the conditions of industrial workers.